Language Problem

Topics: Soviet Union, Russian language, Russians Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: December 6, 2012
I. Introduction
General information about the problem (survey results)
In 1920-1990s, during decades of Soviet cultural and political domination, almost all people in the Republic had to speak Russian whether they are Russians or not. It wasn’t forbidden to speak Kazakh, but if people did not know Russian language well, they would not succeed and couldn’t get good paid jobs; they belonged to uneducated and to a lower social class. Since that time, most families sent their children to Russian schools and tried to speak primarily Russian at home. Nowadays, those children have grown up, most don’t speak Kazakh while some don’t even know the language at all. According to last census data in 2009 only 45% can free write and read in the Kazakh language, understand spoken language 64%, and 82% freely write and read in Russian language to understand spoken language 94.4% of the population of Kazakhstan. Kazakh- speaking people think that they find the possibility of loosing their own language and maybe their own culture in the near future, if they continue using Russian in daily life in their home country. At the same time Russian- speaking people can not learn Kazakh as a result faced with social and employment problems. We conducted the survey among students of KIMEP. According to the results of the survey, we have found that students of KIMEP face with language barrier (Here we will show pie chart according to our survey). This problem has two sides. First one that native people of Kazakhstan does not speak Kazakh language that leads to lots of culture and traditions. From the other side, people who do not speak Kazakh language faced with some problems, which bring them not only to the personal problems, but it also effects on situation in the country.

II. Main body
- Causes of the problem (Survey results)
In 1936 the territory of Kazakhstan joined to the USSR. In late 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, and Kazakhstan became an independent state. The...
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