Language Politeness

Topics: Politeness, Euphemism, Politeness maxims Pages: 7 (2037 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Analysis on Language Politeness Used by Students in Dangerous Mind Film

I. Introduction
Communication is one way that people use in order to convey meaning, intention, and message to others. Communication is also a process of transferring information from one person to another. Communication happens in all over the world. It can happen in public places, in houses, in many other places. The language used by a person and how a person uses the language when communicating to others is very important thing in the communication. It is important that during the communication, a person can be polite, use the language appropriately. Moreover, knowing the relationship between the speaker and the addressee well so he or she can speak appropriately and make others feel comfortable is also important. In this case, the communication happens in the school. There, communication happens between teachers and students. When doing a communication to their teacher, students must know how to communicate with their teacher, what utterance to use. This paper investigates the language politeness used by students in Dangerous Mind film. The film is about the story of a new teacher named Mrs. Johnson, one of the characters, who teaches students whose characteristics are very bad. The settings in this film are taken in several places. One of them is in the classroom setting where communication between Mrs. Johnson and her students happen. Therefore, the researchers are able to investigate and identify whether the language used by some students in the film shows language politeness or not. After that, the researchers can suggest readers, especially those who are students, about how to use language during the communication in a classroom appropriately. In this research, the researchers use document analysis as the research strategy.

I.I Problem Formulation

1. What language utterance used by the students in the film?

2. How to use language utterance appropritelly in the classroom?

II.Review of Literature
Because speech events regulary include both a speaker-writer and a listener-reader, it is not surprising that language is particulary sensitive, in the rules for speech use, to the relations between the two parties. Moreover, the choice of an appropriate message form can be modified to express a wide range of attitudes of the speaker to the listener. Politeness consits of this recognition of the listener and his or her rights in the situation. Politeness is difficult to learn because it involves understanding not just the language, but also the social and cultural values of the community. When we are speaking, politeness involves taking account of the feelings of others. A polite person makes others feel comfortable. On the other hand, being linguistically polite involves speaking to people appropriatetely in the light of their relationshp to us. Therefore, we have to be careful because inappropriate linguistic choice may be considered rude. Being polite may also involve the dimension of formality. We can cause offence by treating someone too familiarly or by treating them too distantly. Being polite means getting the linguistic expression of social distance right as far as your addresse is concern. This is very variable from one community to another. There are two types of politeness. The first is positive politeness. It is solidarity oriented. It also empazises shared attitude and values. The second is negative politeness. It pays people respect and avoids intruding on them.

III. Result
|Conversation 1 |Teacher: What happened to Mrs. Shepperd? | | |Student 1: The white person wants to know what happened to | | |Mrs. Shepperd. | |...
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