Language Is Mans Greatest Invention

Topics: Human, Humans, Mammal Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: November 15, 2010
“Uhhhhhhhggg ahhhg uggggggggh shgggg!!!” No one could understand the first sentence because it sounds like plain gibberish. This is what people would be saying if language were never invented. Someone could be trying to tell a friend that there is a bear behind him or her, but they would never know; and then they would get mauled or killed. This type of situation would be devastating to mankind, and could lead to the end of humankind. Language is the greatest invention of mankind. Without it, there is no way to: have a civil society, teach others, or have a civilized community. Therefore, the absence of language would most likely lead to the end of the human race. There is no way to have a society without language. There would be little, to no way to understand each other. This type of environment would make it very hard for any community to exist and work together to do things such as hunt, build, and live together in general. In this situation, if a person went to look for food, and wolves were attacking the people who are helping that person, they could run away without him knowing, leaving him to possibly die. However, if there was a plan in place, they could have a way of warning each other of danger. There would be no way for people to be taught things, or develop as a people. There would be no way to learn how to fish or hunt, unless they find out for themselves. We would be a dumb species without language, and it would be possible for other mammals to be smarter than us. Also, there would be no effective way resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. We would live like cavemen. Humans without an effective way of communication would find it difficult to recognize or interact with each other. That means the more ignorant the people, and the less effective communication, the more likely they will not survive. There could be no way to train people to be helpful to the community. There would not be a way to train professionals such as doctors, teachers,...
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