Language in Cultural Context

Topics: Writing, English language, Gross domestic product Pages: 5 (1739 words) Published: January 13, 2013 Name of text- The future of energy: Earth, Wind, and Water
Author- Eric Powell
Text type- technology-magazine article
Energy has always been an important aspect in our life, but as technology develops we can learn in different way to make energy more eco-friendly and easily useable. The article explains our challenges with all three resources (water, wind and earth) and explains a new technology that can be used for each resource. The main purpose for this article is to inform people about how we can and how politicians are trying to invest into better energy resources. The article also consists of a lot of real facts which can help people who are interested in the future of resources and technology builds up a better understanding. The audience for this text is for people that are mainly interested in the advancing of technology for the earth, and people who work in this branch of components. The layout consists of 3 main parts which are each for earth, wind and water, and each different part has 2 sections in it with the challenges and “the new energy economy”. These also include charts and images which I find helpful to the reader to stay focused since it is a hard topic to read through. The linguistic register is rather formal, including professional words used in these types of jobs; it is not as persuasive more indicating facts and figures. Since the article is rather formal you can notice the seriousness in the article since it is very important topic. The article is very effective because it has examples of real life challenges and new energy’s that can be used. It is not like a children’s magazine which has jokes and humors information.
Name of text- Nazi Propaganda
Author- United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC Location-
Text type- encyclopedia entry
The text entry is related to how the Adolf Hitler the Nazi’s had used propaganda in such a way that it was informing wrong information in a secretive way by using children’s books, art and other methods, it was successfully ensured. Explaining a very strong force of propaganda. The purpose is to inform how they had spread propaganda around, and it explains the different tactics the Nazis had used. The intended audience for this entry is for people who are interested or need/ want to be informed about the propaganda that had been used during the time in Europe. The layout of the text is formed by which each paragraph is about a different topic in which they had spread false information such as one paragraph is about films and newspapers. The use of language is very formal, such as words like disseminating which younger ages might not be able to understand these include a farther harder vocabulary, but when wanting to understand the text as a whole it is easy to understand since most words are basic, but still bring across a strong meaning. The features that make this an appropriate text are the information that are given are all backed up with facts and real primary data which makes it easily to trust, but since this is an encyclopedia entry the information can always be changed. It is effective since an encyclopedia is mostly used to get a brief idea of a story it is fairly informative.
Name of text- Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies Author- Richard Wilkinson
Text type- Speech
The speech is Richard who is explaining the economic inequality between countries income with child wellbeing and other things that come into factor with each country individually. This shows a strong correlation to inequality. The purpose of the speech is to inform people that economic inequality doesn’t have a correlation with the gross national income the country has there is no correlation. The intended audience first of all...
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