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Topics: Grammar, Past tense, Language Pages: 16 (4842 words) Published: November 2, 2012
The Impact of Grammatical Competence with Discourse in Speaking Proficiency at SDKKK II Batam 2011/2012 Created by Frangky Silitonga, S.Pd, M.SI/ Lecturer Putera Batam University ABSTRACT
Language is a mean of communication used in daily activities. There are aspects needed to be concerned in the use of language, especially foreign language. One of the most common foreign language used is English. In Indonesia, although, English is sound familiar by most of people, the ability of using English is still not maximal. In the use of English language, one of the most important aspects is grammar, for example grammar orientation—tenses, Simple past tense and simple present tense, these are two particular parts in grammar. Simple past tense indicates the past condition that has passed. Simple present tense is used to describe the habit or event happening now. The tendency of tenses use is usual in daily communication, for instance, everyone will interact through some ways, one of them verbal communication or speaking. There is a relationship between grammar and speaking proficiency. Simple past and simple present tense influence the speaking proficiency, thus by mastering those grammar aspects will make easier to understand communication each other. It thing become a basic need for some people who face the people using that foreign language, especially in the business. In Batam, as an industrial region which next to the Singapore and Malaysia, a well speaking proficiency surely needed. Here, the writer conducts the research toward impact of grammatical orientation with discourse in speaking proficiency on students’ primary school in Batam. Keywords: Grammar Orientation, Discourse, Speaking Proficiency, Impact.

1. Introduction
Learning English as a communication in this century is a must to all of people as it is the world communication language without looking at people’s background. English language as an International language has an important role to develop civilization of the International communication, because English language is a tool of communication thus the knowledge of its language such as the grammar rule should be mastered by the speaker involving the knowledge grammar. The term of language according to Chamber (1997:266) describes that language is human speech of a particular nation or the special words used by a particular group of people. Chaer on his book Linguistik Umum (2007:33) explains about language features such as a system, symbol, sound, arbitrary, meaningful, conventional, unique, universal, productive, various, as an social interaction, dynamic, and as the identity of a speaker. From the explanation above, as language is a system, thus the writer draws a conclusion says that all languages have a grammar which can be more or less equal in complexity including the knowledge of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatic as the grammar competence as the unity. Grammar as we know is owned by each language in the world which the purpose to enable the language learners to understand the rule, culture, and meaning in order they can speak, write, read, listen well. The grammar itself is a study of arranging or forming language sentences. As Willis (2009) describes that grammar was about sentences and lexis was about words were the structure is employed to mean the way items – words and phrases- are sequenced to make up larger units. The people who break the rule of language grammar, thus will cause some errors on both in speaking and writing which effect the competence in English of them is bad. It means that everyone who learns a language should obey the language rules of its language. Language is a purely human and non-instinctive method of communicating ideas, emotions and desires by means of voluntarily produced symbols. ( Sapir, 1921 : 17). From the definition, that language is a means of communication purely owned by human. So language is a way to communicate ideas...
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