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  • Published: October 6, 2014
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Standardized Evaluation Grids

The Sample Evaluation Grids/Rubrics on the following pages are intended to guide teachers in creating their own assessment grids for their courses while keeping in mind the importance of maintaining clear department standards for our core courses. The explanations within the sample grids should provide teachers with the necessary information to follow similar marking procedures and to make similar decisions about the marks students receive on their essays.

Although the mark break down teachers use for their courses may vary slightly from assignment to assignment, in general, English 101 and English KN4 focus more strongly on the expression component, while English 102 and 103 focus equally on the comprehension and insight and on the expression components.

English 101Content/Comprehension and Insight30%
Organization of Response20%

English 102Content/Comprehension and Insight40%
Organization of Response20%

English 103Content/Comprehension and Insight40%
Organization of Response20%

English KN4Content/Comprehension and Insight50%
Organization of Response20%

*These grids, designed by Judy Kelley, are intended for the use of LaSalle College English teachers.

Sample Evaluation Grid/Rubric for English 101 - Introduction to College English (This grid can be easily adapted to fit English KN4 and other English courses) Task Write a 750 word essay that explores a central idea in the non-fiction essay “Tyranny of the Clock” by George Woodcock. Your response should include an interpretation of the reading and development of your point of view about the key issues raised in the reading. Be sure to make appropriate references to the text. Give your essay a creative title. Content/Comprehension and Insight – 30%

Organization of Response – 20%
Expression –...
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