Language Death

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Language Evolution
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1. The Nature of Language Development
2. Uneven Development
3. National Language and Its Variants
4. Rationale

The Nature of Language Development
Language develops slowly, continuously, without sudden leaps and bounds. The development of language is not the way to destroy the existing language and create new language, which according to the path of development and improvement of the basic elements of the existing language. And the transition from the nature of language through other properties, in no place by explosion, mutation, destroying the old and creating something new, but by sequential, long-term accumulation factors of the new nature, the new structure of the language, by spending that gradually the elements of the old nature. La Fargo was wrong when he said that there is a spontaneous revolution broke out in the French language from 1789 to 1794. In fact, during that period, the French were supplements the many new words and phrases, old words are removed, the meaning of some of the changes to the system but the basic grammar and vocabulary of the French language is been preserved to this day. The cooperation between languages is a process that usually lasts for centuries; there is no mutation. It would be quite wrong if someone thinks that a language can just develop over a short period of time. With the combination of the two languages, a new language will be born and it will be different from the nature of both two old languages.

Uneven Development

Due to social life giving its direct reflection to the language, the vocabulary of the language, pronunciation and grammar can evolve rapidly. Major part of the vocabulary of a language is the basic vocabulary, but the core of it, including all original. The capital was much narrower compared with the vocabulary, but it lives for a long time, for centuries and provides a basic language to construct new words. Thus, the...
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