Language Birth: Klingon

Topics: Klingon language, Klingon, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: April 12, 2013
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(Language Birth: Klingon Language)
In the world of modern science fiction, shows such as Star trek and Doctor Who have evolved to such an extent that graphics and special effects are used to make the series look more realistic and exciting. Fanatics of these shows have even created their own culture based on these series, most notably, the Star Trek Universe. In the Star Trek Universe, there is a broad array of different cultures. Fans have gone as far as to immerse themselves in the different cultures present in the Star Trek Universe. One such example is the Klingon race which has, much like most other races in the Star Trek Universe, a unique variety of its own language and culture. Since its inception, the most zealous fans of Star-Trek have learned and adopted the Klingon language. The Klingons themselves are a race of humanoid space warrior aliens derived from the planet Qo’noS(Pronounced Kronos). Often regarded as a group of highly aggressive sentient beings, they were noted for their traditional sense of honor and their duty. Originally regarded as formidable enemies among the crew of the starship Enterprise, they have formed allies among each other, though sometimes situations may be uneasy for them. Worf, the first Klingon to join the Starfleet.

Constructed by Marc Okrand, the Klingon language contains a lot of uncommon features that differ from with human languages. Its basic sounds and a few words were first created by actor James Doohan, otherwise known as” Scotty”, for the saga’s first film. This film marks the first appearance of the Klingon language, unlike its predecessor Star Trek: The Original Series in which the Klingons communicate in English. Since then, Marc was fully devoted to making the Klingon Language into a “full-fledge” language.

Tracing back to the origin, Marc was assigned by Paramount Pictures to compose the Klingon language. Using his thesis from his PhD of the Mutsun Grammar, an Ohlone (Southern...
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