Language and Technology

Topics: Oxford English Dictionary, English language, Johannes Gutenberg Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: April 6, 2013
The golden age of reading

The English language has surpassed six hundred thousand words in its vocabulary, and it keeps growing due to the introduction and expansion of technology and science. The English language has always had a main source from which it derived its words. For example, words such as “machine” and “routine” are French derived and have retained their original spelling as it was meant to indicate the users of these words were well educated and travelled. There are also words such as “doubt” and “debt” that have been re-latinized from Old French, in an attempt to return the characteristic of the English language to the classical roots (Greek and Latin). Nowadays, the main source of new words is technology. Words such as “Internet”, “social-networking”, “file”, “software” and many more are only existent due to new breakthroughs in science. As such new words are added, the amount of usage of other words change and therefore the written and spoken nature of the English language change as well. For example, some of the most commonly used words today are “ time”, “person”, “year” and “day”, thus relflecting on society’s relevant preocupations, issues and thoughts. Our constant strive to move ahead in life, and keep account of time periods is indicated by the popular use of words that describe it. Also, society’s humancentric nature is emphasized by the extensive use of the word “person”. Technology has also provided a leap in author and ownership experience regarding literary works, as now authors can see their books being sold online at an unanticipated rate and being spread around the world within a matter of minutes. Authors are more privileged today, as their geographical position no more restricts their ability to develop and share their works. Furthermore, in today’s age as readers have access to the internet and other forms of media, through which they have become more “global” in nature, literary works from different parts of the world...
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