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Topics: Tabloid, Supermarket tabloid, Ozzy Osbourne Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: March 28, 2013
In class we learned about how forms of media use various devices when presenting news or information in order to lure the audience in, maintain readers’ attentions, or convince the audience. In this case, I will be exploring magazines and their different ways of providing celebrity news. Tabloid magazines, such as National Enquirer and Star, highly exaggerate facts and cite unreliable or unknown sources. Tabloids also use the idea of giving information that is confidential to make the reader feel exclusive. While magazines like People and Us Weekly are still considered “gossip” magazines, they depend more on the verity of the information that is being supplied to maintain their audience. Because we discussed mass communication and rhetorical devices, my task is going to highlight two different magazine’s approach to covering news about the same celebrity. By creating two articles on Kelly Osbourne in both People Magazine and The National Enquirer, I will contrast the different approaches to writing about the same person. The main audience of both articles will be women because they are the principle audience of celebrity news based magazines and tabloids. While both magazines will share a casual register given the subject matter and audience, the tone in the National Enquirer will be judgmental and invasive, while the People article will adopt a friendlier tone.

Part 1: National Enquirer
KELLY OSBOURNE lets herself go, gaining 40 lbs following a 2-week trip to Italy. A newly voluptuous Osbourne was seen out and about on the streets of Santa Cruz last weekend, looking plumper than usual. She has been struggling with weight gain, sources say, ever since her pasta-laden voyage to Rome this summer for filming a special edition of E!’s Fashion Police. Although her figure has been fluctuating for several years, this seems to be at an all-time-high for the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. “Her arms look like sacks...
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