Language and Its Necessity

Topics: Language, Human, Word Pages: 4 (1705 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Language and Its Necessity

When you hear the word language what comes to mind? Do you cringe deep down? Does your nose go up in disgust? If this happens to you when you think of the word language don't worry you're not the only one. Language, to most, can be daunting. It can be especially daunting if you are learning it for the first time. Even I find it difficult to grasp concepts and rules. It seems like they are always changing. You then add advancing technologies, and language has gone even further down the totem pole (Samuelson 41). You can't tell who from whom anymore. Right now, as I type this paper, I don't even have to second guess my spelling because the spell checker is working right along with me. We no longer need to know how to count, spell, or verbally communicate properly. It seems that in the next twenty years we will be back to grunts and groans. With all that being said, even grunts and groans are a form of communication, and no matter what happens to our societies we would still have a necessity for language. Language is not only its dictionary definition: communication by voice in the distinctive human manner (“Language” ¶ 2). Language is also culture, history, emotion. Language brings people together. There are many different parts to language. There are also many different types of language. Sometimes language can be funny or scary, happy or sad. We love language and don't even know it. So why is language so difficult to grasp? It's not! We are completely unaware, but we use language every day. You are currently applying language when reading this essay. It is said that language is like breathing (Langer 50). What I'm going to do is help you take your first breath of fresh language. I'm going to help you understand the emotion in language, how culture affects our language, the different types of language, and how communication got us where we are today. Once you understand language you begin to appreciate it and can manipulate it like...
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