Language and Gender

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Women are more status-conscious than man. It is been considerably questioned these days. Most social community is represented that man of status in majority part of fields performing a symbols pattern. Therefore what are the essential elements conducting the different between male and female? How social statue come from? The phenomenon is associated with human behavior which is including language use, gender difference, self-identity level and the diversity culture background. Though these days each people around us so much aware of the social statue and judge other by large scale reasons. There are some reason must prove that social statue is a sex difference reflection of human society. It apparently influences people of behavior. Sex indicates biological designation and gender is a series of elements establishing a construction people are expecting. Among this we distinguish male and female from material or historical view. To sum up the separation of sex and gender make us to notice the social construction, not only biological difference between man and women.

Expressing difference in Sex and Gender

“In careful speech, women use more fewer stigmatized forms than man and are more sensitive than man to the prestige pattern” (Labov 1972a :243) Generally speaking sociolinguistic studies include male and female , there are evidence show that the conformity of linguistic of women use less stigmatized and non-standard than man. The knowledge bases examines a widely instantiated sociolinguistic generalization concerns the careful behavior of women with stable sociolinguistic variables. We can explore the prestige pattern by the women toward the speech and the attitude they express. Otherwise females clearly utilize this feature to demonstrate and identity their social statue. The pattern also responded in some formal contexts more standard or prestige in females than man. Overall, gender difference in social statue involved language use and biological features. These facts cause the gender role and dividing people to categories. The interaction explaining the gender with social class is proved by many typical modules. When people talk about women will link with a set of female characteristic. The gender role building in the unaware progress and forming after it becoming a significantly accept in majority of people until everyone in the society have no reason to deny it.

In addition how to define the “sex” and “gender” actually the general concept is that gender and sex are include a biological and social culture recognize. Gender difference of variability

One of the main aims to show the variability of gender difference is based on Cicero. He used her mother of elegance accent to explain what the standard accent was and what we can distinguish from male to female in linguistic use. He observed a word which both gender pronouncing very similar and constructed his assumes. The generation between two or three would not change dramatically. His assume was based in the relative of Lalia’s class. Standard language use is a particular in women. Females are more aware of accurate phrases in conversation which explain the limited change of language. Gender difference is widely considering with different contact, local feature and environment, as his assume show that if a shiftless small society will generate more variety of contiguous groups.

The assumption describe about a difference between both genders is nothing relevant to the language itself, but a geographical and social culture. The concept of Cicero prefers to illustrate the theory, in addition the role of man and women are rarely prohibited to connect each other in contemporary society.

Speech as a signal of social identity

Language in different culture is displaying a characteristic on the language users. Basically it represents a perspective of addresser how to view the things. The norm of speech that users describe is fit widely for...
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