Language and Age

Topics: Dialect, Language, Communication Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: January 27, 2013
From the very beginning when the first words were uttered, the ability to communicate has played an important role in our world. Words can hurt, heal, create, build and transform. Language is obviously a vital tool that unites people. Every nation has their dialect and specific slang that made them unique. The variations depend also on the age categories. In American society people of each generation have been adding new meanings and new words into the conversations in order to reflect the experiences, beliefs and values of speakers. The language people use when talk informally to friends of the same age can be totally different from the one is used in the family, work and school. Language is one of the most powerful emblems of social behavior. In the book “Language, Society and Power” Jean Stilwell Peccei discusses very interesting topic. He conveys to readers that age is a factor of language variations. Communication creates prosperity and growth between people. Slang helps to stay unique, follow traditions and meanings of specific ideals. It is a casual dialect which does not have age frame, it often used by young people and by grownups in any social group. Formal or proper English has steady assumed a global position as a powerful aspect that has an ability to change the world we live in and the society. The level of communication shows the person’s education, skills and potential. When person has a job interview, it is obvious he or she will speak proper English in order to show the level of education and professionalism. It is one of the vital elements which are always in the top of skills demanded everywhere. What occupation does not need it? At the same time each profession has vocabulary which is used and understood only by those people who work in that field. Of course the most important role plays age, because there is a difference between communication with children, young people and adults. Children or youngsters may not have the...
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