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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Changing to an agitated tone, the use of inclusive language and repetition of ‘’we do not think,’’ unifies readers and attempts to reaffirm that ‘’our laws should [not] take precedence over [other] laws.’’ Australian citizens are painted as people who uphold harmony, integration and ‘’support multiculturalism, cultural diversity,’’ rectifying our stance against the extreme requests of ‘legal pluralism’ by religious leaders. The examples of ‘’Muslim man whipped 40 times, Muslim inman sending offensive letters to dead Diggers’ and innocent children holding up beheading signs, appealing to reader’s moral values as these are not ‘’benefits of living in a vibrant, diverse society enriched by people from many cultures.’’ Readers may react angrily at the Islamic Councils of Victoria’s submission stating ‘’ overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims want nothing more than to make meaningful contributions,’’ which is in direct contrast with its former dismissive attitude to Australian law, implying that dire consequences of ‘legal pluralism’ are hidden behind a facade of manipulation.

The visual depicts a young child holding up the sign ‘’Behead all those who insult the prophet.’’ The text symbolise what O’Brien believes as religious extremism and highlights the ‘’barbaric practises’’ that we do not accept under Australian law. The image complements the article by emphasising that beheadings and other extreme actions will become accepted in Australia if ‘legal pluralism’ is allowed. Readers may feel shocked at the exploitation of children in promoting violent behaviour in the nature of religion; an act which suggests the religious leaders are preying on the children’s innocence. The visual attempts to instil fear within readers as it suggests that their children are vulnerable to the extremist mindsets of some religious leaders and are encouraged to condone violent behaviours. Readers are thus urged to oppose religious practises that violate Australian laws and...
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