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How Language Transformed Humanity
In the video, Mark Pagel a biologist was talking about humanity’s destiny is to become one world with one language. Language is defined as words that people expressed feelings and thinking toward others. And those languages can connect the world by talking and expressing to others who we never meet before. In my view, I agree with Professor Mark Pagel that language should be same or less.

Every country has their home language which is different from other countries. But the language is a setting inside someone’s brain when they were a baby. The language is what gives people the abilities to learn from others, and express their feeling to others. Professor Mark Pagel argues that language is a “social technology” that allows connection between individuals and groups. But the earth contains thousands of languages which is hard for people to communicate with each other. The world is made up of different which made people more and harder to communicate with each other.

Languages are very important and everyone wanted to learn as much as language they can. No madder if it is for job or not. But Professor Mark Pagel argues that those thousands of language made the world more and more complex to connect. Immigrants from other countries suffered from the different language form their hometown. If only the language can be same, Immigrants would not be worrying.

In conclusion, Professor Mark Pagel’s view of language should be connected from one and other. And I agree with his view. Even thought every language has its meaning and purpose, but sometimes it is just way easier if only we have one single language. Everyone can enjoy and have the same benefits when you have to immigrant and when you are studying in a whole different country.
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