Langston Hughes, Salvation

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Literary Analysis

In the narrative “Salvation” Langston Hughes vividly paints a picture of himself as a little boy in a charismatic scene of a church where he takes us into his feelings of pressure, confusion, and disappointment in himself during his “saving” from sin by Jesus. He uses literary devices ,to build up and develop detail of his experience, such as his use of dialogue, compression, and he writes in the mind of a young boy.

Langston Hughes brings emotion and drama to his childhood story by what seems to be almost taking himself back in time into the mind of a young boy and his youthful writing techniques and styles that would represent the story being told by a young boy. i believe that this literary device allows the reader to listen to the boy instead of an older man. This almost forces sympathy onto the reader and causes the reader to become more emotionally attached to the boy, ultimately making the pressure, confusion, and disappointment in the end of the story more prominent. Although the use of writing from the perspective of a young boy helps Hughes tell his experience, the various range of emotions would not be as prominent without the use of dialogue.

The dialogue and detail of the sounds recreate the story of the event in the reader’s mind. This way the reader is able to put himself in hughes’s shoes and experience the pressure in the situation he was put through. With the dialogue the reader literally connects with the story having this sense of understanding as to what the author was going through, almost as if the dialogue is meant for the reader himself. All of this contributes to the strong feelings of attachment between the reader and the author. The things that add to the pressure is the repetition of the question “Langston, why don’t you come? Why don’t you come and be saved? Oh, Lamb of God! Why don’t you come?” Through dialogue he casts the frustration he experiences when he can no longer wait for jesus., since he...
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