Landscape Procurement Plan

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Landscape Project Procurement Plan

1. Overview:
Following a major renovation and addition to the house, a redesign of the front yard is required. This redesign will encompass the front yard that is approximately 65 ft wide by 70 ft deep. The area is bounded on the south side by the house and a wooden fence, on the west side by a continuation of the wooden fence for approximately 40 feet. The north side is to the property line, and the east side is bound by the driveway. There is a sidewalk that comes away from the house to about 25 feet and turns to the driveway. The area enclosed by the driveway and sidewalk is approximately 350 ft2. The major components of this redesign consist of grading and removing excess soil remaining from remodel, install electric wiring for exterior lighting, install hardscape, landscape design and installation of the plants and trees. What is not included in the scope of this project is the seeding of the lawn area, lawn maintenance, removal of existing plants and painting/staining of existing fence. 2. Make or Buy Analysis:

While my husband and I have the ability to perform the majority of the tasks associated with the landscape redesign, the constraints of time and manpower limit the amount of work that we will perform. Below is the Make or Buy Analysis. Task| Make/Buy| Reason|

Excavate/Grade yard| Buy| Limited experience on a Bobcat. More cost effective to hire the work out. Landscape companies routinely perform this type of work| Install electric wiring| Make| Husband is an electrician and is qualified to perform the work| Landscape design| Buy| Not skilled in landscape design|

Installation of plants| Make & buy| This task will be a combination. The larger trees and plants will be installed by the nursery. We will install the smaller plants.| Install hardscape| Make| These items will be purchased and installed following the plants as time and budget allow.|

3. Procurement needs:
a. Excavation/grading
b. Electrical materials
c. Landscape design
d. Installation of plants
e. Installation of hardscape

4. Statement of work:

Task| Statement of Work|
Excavation /grading| Soil remains from the excavation of the foundation and new basement sections of the addition. The majority of the soil will be removed to another location on the property to fill in low spots. This soil will be spread in a manner that will result in a reasonably level location relative to the surrounding area. Following removal of the excess soil, the front yard will be re-contoured according to the specifications outlined in the landscape design. | Electrical| The electric will consist of exterior grade wiring/conduit running from the main electric panel located in the northeast corner of the basement. The exterior lighting will be on its own circuit with dedicated breakers. The conduit will be placed below grade and extend beyond the sidewalk, to the edge of the driveway. An exterior rated junction box will be installed with additional connections to allow expansion of the exterior lighting as needed in the future. An exterior light pole and fixture will be installed that includes, at a minimum, one exterior outlet. Additional conduit will be placed below grade to the northwest corner of the house. An LB will be installed to bring the electric wiring aboveground to provide power to two exterior outlets for general use. | Landscape design| Evaluation of soil type and condition, elevation and directionality of front yard to be completed. Based on this evaluation, any modification or supplementation of the soil will be performed as needed. A selection of trees, shrubs, and perennial plants will be chosen, collectively identified as “plants” throughout the remainder of the plan. The design of the landscape shall include the overview diagram, the planting schematic and all care instructions for selected plants. A...
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