Landmark Essay Sir David Attenborough

Topics: David Attenborough, BBC Natural History Unit, Planet Earth Pages: 4 (1552 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Landmark Essay Final Draft
When asked to choose one person as a landmark figure I had no other person in mind but Sir David Attenborough. Throughout my life I have built great admiration for Sir David and believe he has for so many others around the globe. He has inspired documentary film makers around the globe, showing us extraordinary series such as Planet Earth, Life of Reptiles, Life of Birds, Blue Planet and many more. With warmth and intelligence Sir David has brought the world to our television screens, it is estimated that five hundred million people worldwide watched Life On Earth, yes that’s right five hundred million, this is truly amazing that one man has reached so many people around the world, I myself have viewed many of his TV series. Previously when studying environmental sciences at school I found my teacher’s and mentor’s teaching methods dry and an at times a bore. Sir Attenborough’s unique style of presenting has drawn my own interests to the Natural world. His influence in conservation awareness is one of the main reasons I myself have chosen to study towards a conservation degree. Everything about Sir David I admire, he use of words his extraordinary amount of intelligence. I adore that he widely focuses on the decline of endangered species, most people would not be aware a variety of species even existing if it was not for the series he has broadcast. His teachings across the globe have been widely recognised, he has done so much to help preserve our beautiful landmarks and has help prevent the decline of so many species, by investing so much time and finance for many charities. I could not imagine what the state of many currently protected nature reserves would look like now if it weren’t for those charities. David is loved worldwide and has been described as the Godfather of National History and the world’s Greatest Natural Historian. Sir David Attenborough is Britain’s best-loved naturalist, he is easily recognised around the globe...
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