Landlords Should Welcome Responsible Pet Owners (Argument Essay)

Topics: Property, Pet, Renting Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: February 29, 2008
Landlords Should Welcome Responsible Pet Owners

Sixty-seven percent of adults in the United States are pet owners, but only thirty-two percent of rental properties are pet-friendly. "No-Pet" rental policies are outdated, shortsighted, and they are genuinely detrimental to pets, pet owners, and property owners alike. The lack of pet-friendly rental housing causes over a million animals a year to be relinquished to shelters, and then frequently, euthanised. All of these relinquished animals could be providing their owners with widely documented medical and interpersonal benefits rather than awaiting their deaths in shelters. The popular assumption of many landlords that pet-friendly policies lead to dirty, damaged rental units and to money lost in repair costs is untrue. Responsible pet owners are willing to pay high rental and deposit fees, and they have access to documentation that enables them to supply landlords with a strong indication that they possess qualities that will make them good tenants. Landlords and rental housing property managers should welcome responsible pet owners rather than ban them.

"No-pet" rental policies lead to the surrender and eventually to the death of well over one million pets every year. According to the National Pet Population Study, "landlord restriction" is the most common reason given when pets are turned over to shelters. A 2005 study estimates that 4.2 million animals are euthanized in American shelters annually and that approximately one-third of those animals were relinquished because their owners were unable to find suitable pet-friendly housing. If these statistics are accurate, landlords with "no-pet" policies are not simply adding to America's homeless pet overpopulation pandemic. They are killing nearly 1.5 million pets a year.

The advantages of pet ownership are well known and it is unfair and unkind for rental property owners to deny their tenants these benefits. Obviously, pets help...
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