Landlines vs. Cellphones

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Landlines vs. Cellphones
October 1, 2012

Both landline phones and cellphones are different and alike in so many ways involving costs, contracts, reliability, features and environmental concerns. First, let me explain the cost. In this the cost of cellphones are more expensive than landline phones. For example a cellphone could cost 500.00 dollars where as a landline would run you about 30 bucks depending on what your needs are but, mostly to talk. The contract part is when you get a cellphone most times you will have to get a contract with it to get the phone at that discounted price that is advertised whereas a landline phone doesn’t require a contract it mostly requires you to purchase it only. For example you walk in to an AT&T store and you want to purchase a cellphone, they may run your credit to see if you qualify for a contract and most likely they will ask you if you want to sign a contract whereas, if you walk in to Wal-Mart to get a landline phone they just require you to pay for the item they don’t require a contract in this matter. In reliability, cellphones can lack this because they may lose service when they enter a dead zone or something of that sort, whereas landlines are plugged in and can be used at any time for any reason. In the features area, I really don’t need to explain because cellphones are pretty much a walking computer and landlines are made for talking and that is pretty much it. So as I have explained in this summary cellphones are the now and landlines are the old. I see in the future that landlines might eventually die out and it only be cellphones. Cellphones can be used for anything and landlines just sit at home waiting to be used are to be gotten rid of.
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