Land Use Pattern of India

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Land Use Pattern of India

Land Use Pattern of India - Informative & researched article on Land Use Pattern of India

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Land Use Pattern of India
Land Use Pattern in India is mainly determined by economic, institutional and physical structure. Land area in India is ample but that needs proper care to survive and sustain.

/answers Magazine Is it possible to dance away your fears? Watch video and learn more! Land use pattern in India relates to the physical

characteristics of land, the institutional and other resources framework like labour, capital available. All these aspects are associated with the economic development. India has a total land area of approximately 328 million hectares. Mostly, land utilisation statistics are obtainable for almost 93 % of the entire area that is around 306 million hectares. It is considerable to note that every forefather over the past 8,000 years or so have been successful in harbouring nearly 140 million hectares of land from the natural ecosystem to agriculture. From the time of independence, people have been successful to add another 22 million hectares. As a result, 162 million hectares of land excels as the net sown area at present. It forms a stupendous percentage of as high as 51%. No other large country is as fortunate as India in this regard. Reporting and Non-Reporting Land The land for which the data on classification of land-use is available is known as Reporting Land. In some cases the reporting land is that land, where the land use pattern figures are supported on land records and are based on village records or papers. These records are preserved by village revenue agency and here the data is completely based on details of entire areas. In cases, where the records are not preserved, the estimates are mostly based on sample survey. Thus, the statistics of land use pattern are based on these two methods. On the other hand, the lands where no data is available are known as Non-Reporting Lands.

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Uncultivated Land According to the available land use statistics, there has been a slight increase in the net sown area. Almost 28 million hectares have been added over the passing few decades. Around 1.3 % of the land is under fruit trees. Nearly 5 % of the land falls in the category of uncultivated land which is cultivated once every 2 to 3 years. Thus, near about 51% of the whole area, on an average, is cultivated once a year. The uncultivated lands are subsidiary lands and are kept so to re-establish their richness. Its use depends upon high-quality and timely rains also. Pastures and other Grazing Lands The area separated as cultivable waste, has remained stationary at around 6.4 % for several decades. The land under permanent pastures is despondently low and suggests a remarkable population pressure on the land. Also, credit must be confirmed on the farmers that with so modest land under pastures, they have the biggest number of cattle. They are nurtured mainly on husk, grain chaff, farm waste and few fodder crops. This is definitely the most economical way to have a larger number of drought animals and...
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