Land Transportation in the Victorian Age

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Bakari Clemmons
Mrs. Strothers
Pre-Dip English 9
14 May 2011

During the Victorian Age, getting around in the city was not the easiest thing to do. Most people would travel on foot which would make them tired and sweaty when they reached their destination. It was especially troublesome for older people to get around. People recognized the problem and wanted to change that.

The most common use of transportation in the Victorian Age was the train. When the railroad system first started, the Victorian Age was called the “Age of Railways” because trains were most prominent in that time period. Daniel Pool said, “The railroad, like many technological innovations, was not immediately seen as radically different from its predecessor modes of transportation” (148). The railroad system affected everyone that it came in contact with both socially and economically.

The train line was connected to two different towns as pairs. Two of the towns were Liverpool and Manchester. Peter Quennell said, “With goods trains, the wagon shows very little change throughout our period” (?). Trains took place of carts and wagons. Wagons and carts carried different types of goods. Trains took their position and did the job extremely better.

The trains needed a better way to stop at their destination. The airbrakes invented by George Westinghouse was very important and a great improvement to the train system. It changed them thoughts of people’s later inventions of brakes for any type of transportation vehicles and locomotives. The Stockton and Darlington line was the first public steam railway. It was opened in 1825. The steam engine, another remarkable invention, was created by James Watt which helped the Stockton and Darlington become successful. The British and the American train designers never had the same thoughts. They both differed in locomotive and freight (goods wagon) design, braking technology and technique, the aesthetics of locomotive design, technical terms and...
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