Land Rover Strategy

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  • Published : January 6, 2011
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Marketing Strategy
Land Rover

Dear Mr. Hughes,
I am writing to you to present my recommendations towards a marketing strategy for the Land Rover Discovery. 1. Product Positioning: The brand “Land Rover Discovery” should become synonymous with high-end style, luxury, and creature comforts. It should be positioned as a premium brand, as the ultimate in SUV luxury. In terms of positioning against competitors, based on market research it seems clear that people value the Discovery for its ruggedness and for its image as a luxurious product (based on the opinions of the Expert Judges as well). So to position it in the market as the premium luxury brand of SUV’s, our best foot forward is to emphasize the combination of luxury and style along with toughness and ruggedness as a differentiating factor against competitors.

Target Market: Based on the data presented (Exhibit 19) it appears that the Discovery is most popular among people at the highest income range ($100,000 plus). However, there is a sharp fall in the number of buyers (compared to the number of buyers in $100,000 plus category) who fall in the $75-$99,999 income range. I believe with some astute product positioning the market within this income range can be tapped. Based on the success of the Land Rover Discovery in Europe, I recommend that the two models of the Discovery (Three door model for younger childless adults as well as the five door for families) be introduced in the US markets as two different models of the Land Rover Discovery. As a suggestion the 3 door model should be priced slightly lower than the five door model. Each would have a different advertising and PR strategy.

The three door model of the Land Rover Discovery should be targeted towards the market that falls within the $75-$99,999 income range as it is likely to include younger professionals who would be interested in buying it if the price is reduced to make it attractive for this income group. The five door model...
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