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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Land Rover Case Analysis
There are three main strategic considerations that involved in moving Land Rover brand forward. Firstly, as Land Rover has 3 vehicles in its portfolio, it should provide a product positioning strategy. Discovery should be a leading product and positioned as reasonable improvement of land rover. The power and potency, off-road capability and brand legacy of Discovery should be stressed in positioning strategy. Moreover, as crucial point of Discovery’s positioning- should be ‘affordable Range Rover’. Talking about Range Rover 4.0 SE, this model includes a lot of features and priced at $ 52,500; consequently it should target upscale market-rich people with high incomes. And the last important aspect in positioning strategy is that according to ‘SUV Purchase Drivers’ analysis, female costumers pay more attention on quality, performance and safety of SUV. So that, as Discovery provides all these parameters, it could be great advantage for positioning strategy, to target women consumers. Secondly, Land Rover needs to allocate funds on marketing mix. They should increase marketing spending to $30 million, provide advertisement by using TV, newspapers and direct mails. Also they need to redesign experience-marketing programs. Make the car simple and cheaper to be available in all regions of the world. And lastly, according to the retail strategy, company should create a Land Rover Centers at high income and brand loyal customer areas and convince current franchisees to bring them into LRCs. Also, Land Rover can open some fun clubs or cafes near LRCs/. In general, unique dealership should be used to justify price and image, and company should invest some finance to its retailers.
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