Land Reform

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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3 Models of Land Reform Found in the Philippines
I) Ownership related agrarian reform:
* Fixing a Ceiling: Fixing a ceiling is the government's decision. The land that is held above the ceiling limit is usurped by the government and is redistributed to those in need of land * Compensation paid to the farmers: Compensation is not provided for land that has been expropriated from foreigners or enemies of the state. Excluding such instances, compensation is paid in majority of the cases. * Collectivization: Collectivization is the process by which tracts of agricultural land are handed over to groups. Along with the land, rights are also transferred.  II) Reforms pertaining to tenancy:

Tenancy Reforms are necessary to provide security to the tenants. It is observed that the tenants are the worst affected especially, in time of any ownership problems or disputes arising out of farming conditions. In some cases, in order to avoid forcible occupation by the tenants or forceful evacuation of the tenants they are encouraged to maintain tenancy contracts for a particular duration. It may be a year or more than a year depending on the circumstances governing the written contract. III) Agrarian reform pertaining to land management:

* Agrarian measure in the context of managing agricultural land is a very important tool to implement the agrarian structure. The features of the land management system is detailed below. * Providing knowledge to the farmers is a part and parcel of the land management program. When ownership is transferred or when a peasant acquires land, he is not aware of the tricks of the trade as how the production could be increased. Management projects assist the farmers for the same. * Knowledge pertaining to sowing seeds and different crops is imparted to the farmers . * Whenever a farmer moves to a different locality soil and weather conditions are not known. The land management programs help the farmer to get...
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