Land Reform

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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I. Land reform and Agrarian Reform
Land reform or mainly called “Land redistribution”. It mainly refers to the right of owning a land.
Meanwhile, Agrarian Reform is much broader than land reform. It refers to changes that are made in the land tenure system. It covers issues such as, “who owns or does not own land”, how land is used or who shares to the products of the land”. It also pertains to land productivity and rate of agricultural development 2. Land redistribution

There is a so-called land-ownership and landlord class (upperclass/owners of land) receives rent from tenants such as farmers.
Large landed estates are expropriated by the state authority. These lands are then broken into small farms and distribute it to farmers. As distribution to farmers occur, gov’t will come in between to pay the landlords for the farmers. The NEW landowners has to find a means of paying the installment to the gov’t who took place in paying the landlords. 3. Philippine Land reform

CAR – Comprehensive Agrarian Reform
Republic Act 6657 in 1988 and ended last 2008.
An act instituting a comprehensive agrarian reform program to promote social justice and industrialization, providing the mechanism for its implementation, and for other purposes Definitions
1. Agrarian Reform – Distribution of land, regardless of crops and fruits produced, to farmers and farmworkers who are landless to help lift the economic status of the beneficiaries. 2. Agricultural Land – Land devoted to agricultural activities. Minerals, forest, residential, commercial or industrial lands are not included. 3. Farmer – Primary livelihood is cultivation of land or production of agricultural crops. 4. Farmworker – Render service as a laborer or employee in an agricultural enterprise or farm

* Every state should pursue a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Landless farmers and farmworkers will receive the highest consideration to promote social justice and to move the nation...
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