Land Management (Land Used) and Soil Fertility Mapping in the Province of North Cotabato Central Mindanao, Philippines (Web Based)

Topics: Mindanao, Provinces of the Philippines, Regions of the Philippines Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Land Management (Land Used) and Soil Fertility Mapping in the Province of North Cotabato Central Mindanao, Philippines (Web Based)


In the Philippines, land use refers both to the substantive issues of land conversion, land reform, environmental protection, agricultural productivity, land valuation, as well as to a map layer of a municipal information system or a fundamental dataset of a planned geo-spatial data infrastructure. Local government in the Philippines looms large in the discussion of land use issues. With the enactment of the Local Government Code in 1991, the process of land use planning and monitoring falls squarely on the shoulder of local government. Local government is mandated to adopt a Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and to enact a zoning ordinance. It approves and issues development permits, zoning clearances for building and business permits, and certificates of site zoning classification (Rizalino B. Cruz, March, 2004).

The Land Use Management function works to ensure that all land and properties in North Cotabato Province are used only according to their permitted land-use or zoning rights. It considers applications for new developments by property owners and developers to change permitted land uses, zoning rights and their accompanying restrictions, which are in turn specified in a zoning scheme. This responsibility is exercised in line with the Province’s commitment to sustainable and equitable development. Typical land-use or zoning categories in a zoning scheme include: •Residential zones (e.g. single residential dwellings, group housing schemes or blocks of flats) •Agricultural zones (e.g. farm, plantations, rice & corn production) •Open space zones (e.g. public open spaces, parks, sports fields, cemeteries or private open spaces) •Business commercial zones (e.g. shops or office blocks) •Community use facility zones (e.g. schools, clinics or places of worship) •Industrial zones (e.g. factories,...
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