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  • Published : December 23, 2009
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1.1 NIC
1.3Introduction To Inventory Management
1.3.1Project Description

1.4Component Assigned
1.4.1Goal Of The Proposed System
1.4.2Limitation of the Existing System
2. System Analysis
2.1Requirement Analysis/ SRS of the Component
2.1.1Problem Definition
2.1.2Performance Requirements
2.1.3System Requirements
2.1.4Acceptance Criteria
2.2Feasibility Study
2.2.1 Economic Feasibility
2.2.2 Technical Feasibility
2.2.3 Behavioral Feasibility
2.3 Proposed System Functionality

3.System Design

3.1Design Goals
3.2Functional Flow/Flow Chart
3.3ER Diagram
3.4Data Flow Diagram
3.5Database Design
3.6Data Dictionary

4.Technologies Used

5.Testing and Debugging

5.1 Goals and Objectives
5.2 Statement of scope 5.3 Test Case
5.4 Testing Process
5.5 Debugging

6 . Implementation
6.1 Conversion
6.2 Direct Implementation
6.3 Module Diagram

7. Scope and Limitation

8. Conclusion

9 User Manual And Screen Shots
9.1 User Manual
9.2 Input/Output Interfaces(Screen Shots) 10 . Annexure


1.1- NIC

National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Department of Information Technology is providing network backbone and e-Governance support to Central Government, State Governments, UT Administrations, Districts and other Government bodies. It offers a wide range of ICT services including Nationwide Communication Network for decentralised planning, improvement in Government services and wider transparency of national and local Governments. NIC assists in implementing Information...
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