Lan Based System Related Studies

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Chapter 1The Problem and its Background Introduction
In Child Development, preschoolers' age group is one of the most crucial stages of a child as he/she grows up. Parents are of course conscious on their child's social skills development so as they sent their children to school to learn. Somehow, problems occur in their child when his/her performance in school is not good. Of course, parents would be bothered with it because they want their children to learn in school. In some instances, a child would have peers of its age but somehow loose them again because of lack of the child's social skills development. Basically, there are a lot of ways to improve a child's social development, the parent's teachings of first steps to interaction, the teacher's basic lessons for preschool communication and lastly, the use of multimedia in school could possibly help, but in what form? If it's a courseware or a program that assists individual to learn certain skills, the enjoyment of the child may be lessen, but if we design a computer game that can become a catalyst for a preschooler's early social skills development, children might find it interesting. Socialization in computer gaming is one of the great ideas for improving a preschooler's social learning development. Background of the Study

The industry of preschool gaming is still a need even though it is a short term program of 3 years, because a preschooler's age limit is from 3-6 years old, that's why the researchers are concerned on it not because of its basic principles that need to follow in order to meet the standards of a simple preschooler game, but it's essence of giving the preschoolers an early time to improve their social skills. The game that will be proposed was inspired from some 2D role playing games like,Final Fantasy and some educational games from We are looking forward to a game that could become a pillar of preschool computer games industry. In the previous studies researchers focused more on social-oriented games in general, whereas in this study, the researchers will study about early childhood social skills development. This study is primarily based from the experiences of the researchers in computer games and social skills development among preschoolers. Most of the time preschoolers had a difficulty in their social skills. Several studies conducted which are parallel to this study. In the study of Tomlinson (2005), he aimed at identifying the factors of the usage of the game characters that can help improving social skills of an individual. The result of the study revealed that the game with socializing characters become a model to enable children to learn social skills by interacting with these game characters. Also in the study conducted Daniel Loton (2007) he found out that playing online game may increase sociability and social skills. An analysis of this study would enable the proponents to know the effects of Computer games on the social skills development among preschoolers and to use these effects into a beneficial tool and could add more features on the theoretical effects of the game, wherein the proponents could make something inside the game that will make the preschoolers learn social skill easily. Statement of the Problem

The study aims to determine if Little Adventures, a 2D LAN based game for preschoolers, will improve the social skills of preschoolers. Specifically, the study intends to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents according to their: 1.1. age

1.2. gender
2. Before administering the game to the students, what are the social skills levels of the preschoolers based on the sociogram results? 3. After administering the game to the students, will there be a difference on the scores obtained by the students based on the sociogram results? Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study will only be conducted for the preschoolers in the school of Philippine Medical Women's...
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