Lan-Based System

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2.0 Project Description
3.1 Review of Current Infrastructure

According to, the importance of a Computer Network is it allows the user to share data with other users in a network, for example, a company having a number of computers which are connected in a network. Computer network will enable the users to share the files and folders and get synchronized with other users.

Computer network also allows the user to share resources such as printers and faxes. It can be installed on one computer and can be accessed by other users in a network. By this the need of installing printers on individual computers is avoided and it result in cost-effectiveness. Computer network also allows the user to communicate with each other using instant messaging tools to share ideas, files or solve queries.

In Business, according to, the basic need of for most computers to interact in a business is to share files. It’s true this can be done with email, but there is always the issue of a file being saved on someone’s computer who is absent. With a network, any employee can retrieve the same files when needed. And when networked, large projects are much easier to transfer than through email alone. It is also a better medium for collaboration as employees can pass files back and forth, as well as brainstorm, much more efficiently in an open setting in which additional workers can make suggestions.

A successful business is an organized business, and with a networking system each employee can stay organized by staying on the same page. Employees can share project schedules directly across the network and make changes appropriately.

In Education, according to kidsource.comInteraction through networks helps break down communication barriers and connects students and teachers with the outside world. Access to a computer, a modem, and phone lines frees students and teachers from the physical limits and time constraints of the school environment. Networking allows them to send electronic mail, participate in computer conferencing, and access information from remote sources.

The advantage of computer networking in school, which is the type of our client, is they cut down on computer printouts, making it possible for students' work to be viewed on-screen, sent to teachers' workstations, or even channeled into "electronic grade books”. They support management programs that give teachers detailed reports on a student's progress, even pointing out areas where improvement is necessary. Evaluation of grades is easier and lessens the consumed time. And also, in school enrollment, records can be shared in every department that needs to have that information about the enrollees. The College of industrial Technology had its beginning when the former Bulacan Trade School (BTS) offered the two-year special trade curriculum for the boys in Automotive Mechanics and Building Construction in the year 1952. Then as the school progressed, it continued to offer additional trade courses not only for the boys but also for girls. Thus, the school has become popular in the province for its two-year technical and three-year technician courses, particularly when education and engineering courses were not yet offered. In the year 1918, The Bulacan College of Arts and Trades (BCAT) offered the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT), a four year course for students who choose to take technology courses. However, to keep up with the changing times, the 2-year technical, three-year technician, and 4-year BSIT lumped together and gave birth to the Bachelor in Industrial Technology (BIT) in the year 1996. The BIT is a ladderized curriculum where students graduate after completing the first two year with a certificate of proficiency along their line of specialization. If they decide to continue to four years, they have to pass a qualifying examination, with this development of...
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