Lan Based Multi-Player Game in Bangladesh

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Topic: LAN (Local Area Network) based Multi-player game in Bangladesh

Date: March 6th, 2005
To: Carl Bloom (CBm)
Course: English 105
Sec: 2


Multi-player gaming has opened a new world for the gamers. It was available on the Internet for a long time but it is now available in the cyber cafe, which are called gaming zones. It is like a newborn baby in Bangladesh. Multi-player games in gaming zone’s are LAN based games. A lot of people are interested in multi-player games especially teenagers and school students. It’s not a long time since it has been introduced. However, the popularity is sky high. People of different age groups go to these gaming zones to have fun and play with new friends and gamers. It is not only having fun but also a way to test your intelligence and evaluation of their skills. It is more exciting than in Internet because they can see their opponents. It also enhances gamers’ intellectual power by playing strategy games, action games, sports games, racing games, role-playing games.

The reason why I chose this topic is that I think playing game is a great way for recreation. By playing game, one can spend quality time. By playing games, one can stay updated to modern culture. Multi-player game is a great way to experience the real excitement of game. I think this kind of entertainment is better than watching TV or wasting time on gossiping. It is also a great way to acquire knowledge. It can teach or provide much information through fun and laughter but in Bangladesh, gaming zone is relatively a new addition. They are providing a nice environment for every age of people. So I choose this topic to make awareness about this kind of healthy entertainment.


LAN is a network of computers located relatively near each other and connected in a way that enables them to communicate with one another (by a cable, an infrared link, or a small radio transmitter). It can be a server based network or it can be a peer-to-peer network too. A LAN can consist of just two or three PCs connected together to share resources, or it can include hundreds of computers which are within a building or a group of adjacent buildings. The data that are transmitted through the network are broken into small groups called packets. LAN is a type of communication system that works like an automated telephone company within a single building or a group of buildings that can carry not only voices but also data and files (*). When I tried to find the origin of LAN based Multi-player game, I found the following things. Any game operated by silicon chip computer circuit is called electronic game. In early 1970s the first ever game was made the name was ‘Tot and target’. As the time passed, the game became playable by two players and it was ‘Pinball’ which was vertically displayed in the game machine (*). Eventually, network integrated games were introduced and made it possible to play with each other in different computers or even with people who are far away from their opponent. LAN game is also very popular in the US or in the Europe. The game industry is also enabling users to play with each other by creating more multi-player game. In Bangladesh, LAN games are relatively new. When I first started my research, the BASS computers claimed that they first introduced the LAN game in Bangladesh in 2003 (*). When I interviewed some old and professional gamers, I found that LAN game were available among the gamers even before 2003. There were some gamers who made their own LAN system in their home and connected with their friends or neighbors and played LAN games. There are some gaming systems that are used to play multi-player game. They are Online, Modem, LAN, Bluetooth or Infrared. Online games are those which are played in the Internet. There are a lot of multi-player games, which can be played online. EX. By using telephone modem one can play...
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