Lan-Based Library System for Lady Mediatrix Institute

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Project Background

In today’s rapid growth of Industries , technology made our lives much easier and do things with precise accuracy. Computer is perfect example of technology that made a great impact in the society. Since the effectiveness of the technology had been recognized, It has caught the attention of differrent industries. One of which is educational institutions. The technology has been utilized to help students and faculties to perform much better in what they do. One possible function of this technology is library system where students and faculties gather information for their studies. When the library and computer combined together, it will have a better and faster function and will definitely help the people around it. That’s why as researchers we are aiming to develop a system for a library.

Library system is a necessity for faculties and students. It manages all operations in the library including the logging in of the students and faculties for security and monitoring purposes, searching, reserving, borrowing and returning of books. These are some of the reasons why library system is an important tool for their everyday activities in school.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is a private institution for pre-school, elementary and high school students. This institution consist 981 students and 52 faculties. It has three libraries divided into three different locations; first is the high school library, second is the elementary library, and the third is the pre-school library. All in all, the three libraries has a total of 10,000 books and other reading materials like magazines and newspapers. The OLPHS library is still utilizing a manual system. The users who enter the library are being recorded in a log book. Students search for the books in the shelves manually. The student can only borrow a total of three books. They can also borrow other reading materials like magazines, newspapers but only inside the library. Whenever student borrows a book, the borrower fills up the needed information in the library card. Then the librarian signs the library card and holds onto the library card until all the books has been returned . Non-fiction books can be brought home for 1 day and fiction books can be brought for 3 days. If the book was not returned within that day, they will have to pay P1 for the number of excess days per book. The faculty and staff can borrow books and take it for the whole school year and does not pay any fines. Most problems identified with regards to the current manual system: (1) lost of library cards; (2) integrity of datas in the library card; (3) registration inconsistencies of books that are borrowed; (4) misallocation of books in the wrong section or shelf; (5) unawareness if the book is lost or borrowed. These are the most common problems identified by the librarian, that’s why the researchers decided to develop a system that requires less manual intervention, making it more efficient. With the vast and wide use of technology, the proponent proposed to the school administration to have a LAN-based Library System. It will hasten the searching, borrowing, reserving and returning of books in the library. The librarian has nothing to worry about every time these activities took place.

Objectives of the Project

The system objectives of the project will serve as a guide in pursuing and accomplishing the study.

General Objectives
The general objective of this project is to develop a LAN-based Library System for Our Lady of Perpetual Help School by using barcode.

Specific Objectives
In order to understand the general objective and achieve the result, the Researcher’s aims are as follows:

* To develop a system that will allow the students and faculties to easily search, borrow, reserve and return books. and to provide fast and accurate system in order to improve the operation in the school’s library. * To create a system...
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