Lan-Based Examination System for Imus National High School (Inhs)

Topics: Test, Software testing, Psychometrics Pages: 13 (2952 words) Published: September 30, 2012



Bisnar, Kevin Rhod F.

Lacorte, Jason J.

Pangilinan, Quimby Arundel G.

Chapter I


1. Background of the Study

Computer Technology is rapidly emerging nowadays; it became an important component that an educational institution needs. Technology can give efficiency to facilitate learning processes. Various technologies deliver different kinds of content and serves on different purposes. Moreover, technology is often promoted as a solution for improving educational institutions.

Imus National High School (INHS) uses manual processing in giving exams. This manual process can be eliminated through automated examinations. The researchers conducted a research on how to replace the manual process of exams. A system called Examination Builder for educational institutions became possible through some related researches and existing systems. Yagna Innovation is one of the organizations that developed this kind of system. The developers thought an idea on providing an easier way of creating examinations which can be used by the instructors using different templates for major examinations. Through this study, educational institutions can have a great support in providing an easier way in conducting major examinations.

Imus National High School was established in 1971 with initial four classrooms and a library. Salaries of teachers were locally funded through the miscellaneous and monthly tuition fees collected from the enrollees and a minimal financial support by the National Aid Fund. Mr. Teofilo Bartolome, principal of elementary school acted as Assistant Principal of the high school with three secondary faculty members. When Mr. Bartolome was transferred to another school, Mrs. Crsipina D. Suarez succeeded him and managed both the elementary and high school. She acted as Asst. Principal to 434 student population and 12 secondary teachers from SY 1976-1977 up to the time when a full time high school principal was designated to the school in the person of Mrs. Nelda G. Dator on February 1, 1981. While the deeds of donation were in forced and to further recognize the principal donor of the land, the school’s official title was connected with as “Doña Paula Guevarra V. De Marquez Memorial National High School”, but its traditional name Imus National High School is still being used for used for official operational transactions with DECS and other related agencies. For the past 31 years, Imus National High School had successfully served and is serving the community and its environment. The School is still improving on its population and its facilities. In the present school year 2002-2003, the school’s enrolment is 5,590 students with 96 faculty members, supported with 15 other administrative personnel some of them are funded by the Local School Board. (

The school’s mission is to provide adequate and quality instructions through competent and committed teachers, offer basic knowledge in Math, Science and Tech., English, Filipino, develop the special skills of every students in the line of arts, craftsmanship, home technology inculcate Filipino ideals and values and arouse the civic consciousness of the students.

Their mission is to be fully committed to the national goal and Christian ideals, the school seeks to be instrumental in the development and self fulfillment of every students in Imus National High School, make their lives as pleasant as possible, lead them to be fully engaged in the struggle as life thus develop all their talents and put these to their use.

2. Statement of the Problem

The study intends to find a solution on eliminating the problems of manual process of...
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