Lan Based Entrance Examination System

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Modern technology nowadays has been interchanging every now and then. Advancement of Information Technologies is giving lots of benefits for all institutions and business establishments. With the use of advance technology, transactions, processing and operations became faster, accurate and effective. As time goes by, computers became very useful in minimizing the amount of time needed to accomplish a task. In this generation, these machines can now be considered as necessities.

In the field of education, implementations of computerized based systems such as automated Enrollment Systems and Information Kiosks are mostly applied in the different institutions here in the Philippines. But most of these institutions are using manual system in terms of administering Entrance Examination, which is very time consuming, unorganized and sometimes inaccurate when it comes to checking of papers.

___________ is experiencing the same inconveniences in the administration of their entrance examinations. The researchers will focus on the development of a Lan-based Entrance Examination System that will help __________ to automate the administration of entrance examination to new students.This will make the task easier, accurate and efficient. PROJECT CONTEXT

The automated Entrance Examination System for ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


The study intends to help ___________________ to upgrade from manual or traditional method of administering entrance examination to a computerized one. In present situation, the ever increasing burden on examination system due to increasing examination ratio is leading to various inefficiencies by the staff in handling the examination related processes. By automating the examination system, the researchers meant to minimize human intervention, compact storage, speedy retrieval and editing of...
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