Lampunaya Leaf Extract as an Acid Base Indicator

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Chapter I
Background of the Study
Chemical compounds can be classified as acidic, basic, or neutral substances based on several conditions. One factor considered is the color reaction which can be observed through the use of indicators. An indicator is a substance that changes color, depending on whether it is placed in an acidic solution or basic solution. One indicator that almost everyone associates with acids and bases is the litmus paper, which has the ability to change the color in response to an acid or a base. Phenolphthalein is another common indicator use by beginners in chemistry because its color change is very obvious, making it easy to use. There are many other indicators that change color at different pH levels, and so are useful for different purposes.

Many pigments found in nature can be quite effectively used as acid-base indicators. The purple eggplant peel, the dyes in the blueberries and the purple camote peel contain anthocyanins. These plant pigments produce definite colors in solutions of different acidity or basicity. Anthocyanins are also water soluble and have colors that are dependent upon the pH of the reacting solution. In our study, the researchers used a lampunaya leaf that also contains anthocyanins

With the knowledge of this, we decided to come up with a study about lampunaya leaf extract as an acid-base indicator. There are three reasons why we conducted this study: first, we want to discover new things. We would like o know if the lampunaya leaf extract would be an effective acid-base indicator and as far as we have known there are only a few researches about this topic. Second, we would like to add further knowledge about the topic because our study may be useful to the future generation and it may help them to add more information to what we have gathered from our research. Lastly, to save money because if the school runs out of money, they can use the lampunaya leaf extract as an acid-base indicator and there’s no need for them to buy for new materials like the pH meter which is very expensive.

The project mainly focused on lampunaya leaf extract as an acid-base indicator.

Statement of the Problem
The investigators seek to answer the question:
What are the factors that affect on how fast the results will appear from a lampunaya leaf extract as an acid-base indicator?

In view of the preceding question, the following hypotheses are advanced: 1. The more the amount of lampunaya leaf extract drop to the substance the faster the results will appear. 2. The lesser the amount of lampunaya leaf extract drop to the substance the faster the results will appear. 3. The drier the leaf used in the lampunaya leaf extract drop to the substance the slower the results will appear.

Significance of the Study
The investigators believed that the result of the study will be beneficial to the following:
Students. This study helps the students by adding some information about their knowledge on acids and bases. These will help them know that even without the use of the pH meter, we could still identify whether a substance is an acid or a base by using some plants.

Teachers. This study helps the teachers by using our project to be an activity in their class to let their students know and explore more about the topic acids and bases. The students will surely enjoy the experimenting stuff and basically will not be bored because using lampunaya leaf extract as an acid-base indicator is easy and fun. The students will not only enjoy from this activity but will also learn more in the process.

Family. This study helps the family because they can use our experiment as an educational stuff to their children. They can perform the experiment at their house and while performing it, the parents can discuss the effects of too much acid in our body and through the experiment they performed, they would know how acidic a soft drink is. Our study would help parents and children...
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