Lamp at Noon Essay

Topics: Holger Ernst Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: January 3, 2010
Formal Critique of The Lamp at Noon

"The Lamp at Noon" is a very educational story. It shows how hard times can result with negitive consequences, and it can drive a regular human being into insanity. Isolation from the real world and other people can drive a person wild. After being alone in a house with nobody to talk with, Ellen feels a sense of abandonment. She starts to lose her mind after being ignored by her husband, Paul, and eventually does what she thinks is best for her and their baby. Paul is blinded by the arguement, and forgets the actually risk that he is putting his wife and baby through. "The Lamp at Noon" effectively projects many themes; it is a tragic, yet interesting story that could be easily understood.

The shifting third person point of view is suprisingly easy to follow throughout the story. It focuses on Ellens thoughts, and then onto Pauls as Ellen slowly gravitates toward senility. Ellen had realized that Paul was not listening to her, and he only focused on the arguement instead of the actual conflict. Ellen is then forced to insanity as she endures the fierce dust storms clouding overtop of their rickity old home.

"Once as she listened this first wind sprang inside the room, distraught like a bird that has felt the graze of talons on its wing; while furious the other wind shook the walls, and thudded tumbleweeds against window until its quarry glanced away again in fright"

page 423

Paul escapes to the barn, where he can think without the pressure of his wife. Little does paul know, Ellen is planning an escape from the unbareable living conditions. They are both hungry and tired which elevates the tension between Paul and Ellen.

Paul is set on living on his own; providing for his family by himself. When Ellen proposes that they work for her father, he denies the proposition immediately. Pauls ego is getting in the way of seeing what is really happening to his family. The dirty and...
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