Lamoiyan Corporation: Building the Filipinos

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Lamoiyan Corporation: Building The Filipinos 2011-00789

Most corporations in the Philippines these days are multinational companies. Those companies, though operating here in the Philippines, are owned by foreigners and not by Filipinos. This fact make us Filipinos purchase products that rather than helping our fellow Filipinos will more likely help those foreigners that are just using the some Philippines. Thanks to Filipino corporations that boom because of perseverance and patriotism, they serve as hope for us, Filipinos because of what they do, not just for their own businesses, but also, for the Filipino people. One of those corporations is the Lamoiyan Corporation.

The Lamoiyan Corporation

The Lamoiyan Corporation did not start as a toothpaste manufacturer, rather as a supplier of aluminum collapsible toothpaste tubes to toothpaste manufacturers. In 1970s, Dr. Pedro‟s Aluminum Containers, Inc. enjoyed profit growth due to the increasing demand from the country‟s leading toothpaste manufacturers, ColgatePalmolive, Procter and Gamble and Philippine Refining Company (PRC) now Unilever.

However, in 1985, these companies began using laminated tubes and left Dr. Pedro‟s Aluminum Containers, Inc. but instead of closing his factory, throwing into waste the entire leftover toothpaste container and having 200 people employed in his company go unemployed, he decided to make his own toothpaste and place it in his aluminum containers. Two years later, he reopened his factory as Lamoiyan Corporation, now known as the manufacturer of toothpaste brands‟ Hapee and Kutitap.

The big toothpaste makers controlled 99% market before Dr. Pedro entered it in 1987. Today, the figure dropped down to 65%. The first of Dr. Pedro‟s strategies was to to target the multi-nationals' Achilles‟ heel: price. While Dr. Pedro knew that he could not compete in areas such as promotion and distribution, his decision to cut price by 50% won an immediate response from consumers. However, when Colgate followed suit with a 20% price cut, Dr. Pedro turned to market diversification. Among

other things, he developed multi-flavored toothpaste for children. It took Colgate three years to respond, but by that time, Lamoiyan had already successfully captured the new market. Moreover, Dr. Pedro targeted specialized markets, by diversifying his product line to include Hapee Kiddie Toothgels, Dazz Dishwashing Paste and Dazz AllPurpose Kitchen Cleaner, Fresher feminine wash and Gumtect, a special gum-formula toothpaste, which larger companies did not find profitable.

Lamoiyan Corporation has been recognized as the Most Outstanding Toothpaste Manufacturer by the Consumer's Union of the Philippines for seven years. The company was also recognized by the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) as having the Most Outstanding Program for Equal Employment.

Natural Capitalism

Natural capital refers to the resources and services provided by nature. They are of large economic value - more so than the gross world product. Natural capitalism is a system of four interlinking principles, where business and environmental interests overlap, and in which businesses can better satisfy their customers' needs, increase profits and help solve environmental problems all at the same time.

Taking care of the environment is a priority of Lamoiyan Corporation. With the future generation of kids in mind, Lamoiyan Corporation makes sure that they are doing their share in protecting the environment by putting in place some measures that will help.

Lamoiyan Corporation, in compliance to Republic Act 6969 or the Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990, properly disposes their chemical by-products during the manufacture of their famous Hapee toothpaste and all other products. In this way, it does not damage the environment and human beings.

Since water is getting scarce these days, the corporation continues in...
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