Lamoiyan Corporation

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Bustamante, Daries Mae
Herando, Mari Niko
Layugan, Monica
Manalo, Raymart
Medina, Krizzia
Odal, Mary Anne
Rozul, Aileen Gale
Silvan, Ron Lester

28 January 2012

Lamoiyan Corporation
“We exist to improve the quality of life by bringing essential products within the reach of the common people”

“We aspire to have a Lamoiyan product in every home”.

Corporate Values

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We make our presence a blessing to society. PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. We do things better than before and better than competitors. INTEGRITY. We do things right.
RESPECT FOR THE lNDIVIDUAL. We value individuality by treating each other with fairness. TEAMWORK. We reach collectively goals that we cannot reach separately.

Internal Environment Factors

* Offers products for Personal care, Oral Care and Household. * Oral care, most likely the Hapee toothpaste, is offered much cheaper than the competitor’s main product, Colgate. * Exercised the Personal selling through door-to-door.

* Focused on giving superior customer value

* Lack of budget for advertising in media.
* Low strategies to compete with other big companies.
* Less product distribution in Visayas and Mindanao
* Below the line advertisements
External Environment Factors
* Lamoiyan tied up with the Vietnamese which is the largest toothpaste manufacturer. * Trade in ASEAN countries with free tariffs on toothpastes.
* Tight competition between Colgate and Close Up
* Competitors with low-priced products.
Long Term Objective
The main objective would be to match the Lamoiyan Corporation products with its competitors through penetrating different retailers and use of distribution wise enough. Strategies
Obviously, Lamoiyan Corporation competes with the companies whose main product is also toothpaste. To uphold the...
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