Lament by Gillian Clarke

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Gilian Clarke-Lament
Student’s Worksheet Activity one
* Name: Gillian Clarke Nationality: Cardiff, Wales

* Family life: She has a daughter and two sons, Professional activities/jobs: She was and now lives with her husband (who is an poet, playwright, editor, translator arquitect) on a smallholding in Ceredigion, President of North Wales, Tutor on where they raise a small flock of sheep, M.Phil. course in creative writing, and care for the land according to organic Freelance tutor of creative writing, conservation practice. Primary schools to adults.

* Name some of her most famous poems: Background information to the poem he Stone Hare, On the rain, Marged, (why did she write it?): is about the Slaughter, Breathing and Flood. Gulf war, which happened in 1991 When Iraq invaded Kuwait, and the

USA, with Britain’s help, bombed Iraq
This war has never really stopped. As
They begin a new school year, it still
threatens the world.
Activity two

* To mourn aloud
* To express sorrow or regret for Bewail.
* A crying out in a grief Wail
* Dirge, elegy
* Complaint.

Activity three
Stanza 1

1. The poem uses the title as the start of a list of lamented people, events, creatures and other things hurt in the war, so after the word “lament”, every verse, and 11 lines begin with “for”.

2. Pulsing burden is where she is looking to lay her eggs, in a safe place.

3. The metaphor is comparing the nest where the green turtle is going to lay her eggs, with sickness. This word refers to where the turtle will lay her eggs, the Gulf, where there is a war. So the turtle is laying eggs in a nest of sickness. With the word nest we could meant that is something where is protection or security but it is a place where the eggs will probably die, it is not a safe place.

Stanza 2

4. The Cormorant is covered in oil “in his funeral of silk”, the author uses certain phrases to describe this. “The veil of iridescence on the sand” and “the shadow on the sea” shows the spreading of oil from bombed wells. 5.

6. One way in which oil is described is as killer because when it says “in his funeral silk” the word funeral is associated to death. Other way is the oil advancing when it says “shadow on the sea” we can understood as the oil passing.

Stanza 3
7. From the word lap I can understand that is the front area from the waist to the knees of a seated person” because lap is associated with a girl pregnant, in this case the ocean covers the vast mayority of the world and is the lap of life, because if the oil spreads over the ocean , may be kill the fish life and plant life. 8. The word stain means a discolored or spoiled spot or smudge. Stain is described as mortal because if the oil spreads will kill all the animal and plant species. 9. Ahmed is a civilian of the place. She has chosen this name because is a common name in the Middle East, as here Juan. 10. The image “his uniform of fire” because is a horrific photograph in which it shows a soldier burnt when his tank was bombed. In this stanza the author wants to demostrates with this image how each soldier suffers the pain every day in a war.

Stanza 4
11. Fusilier, armourer and gunsmith.
12. I think these men joined the war because may be he would be obligated to do it, or also may be because he wanted to represent his country and fight against the other powerful countries to defend his own country. In the past, as there was lot of wars, countries used to send a soldier to fight and some of them should not have experience but they have to go or maybe that his own...
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