Lamb of the Slaughter

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Lamb of the Slaughter
Scene 1
Husband opening door
* Mary: (excited) Hello Darling
Patrick: (with no emotion/tired) Hello
Mary: (questioning) Are you tired?
* Patrick: (answering with a little breath) Yes, I’m tired it was a long day at work *
* Mary: (questioning him) Are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink? *
* Patrick: Yes
* Mary: (jumping with joy) I’ll get it!
* Patrick: (with an angry voice) No! Sit down!
* Mary: Honey do you want me to get your slippers?
* Patrick: No
* Mary: (trying to start a conversation) Well I think it’s a shame, being a senior and there having you on your feet *
* Mary: Darling do you want me to get you cheese and crackers? I didn’t make supper because it’s Thursday *
* Patrick: No (serious tone)
* Mary: I was thinking if you don’t want to go out I can cook something up right now? *
* Patrick: No! I’m not hungry. Sit down we need to talk, I have something to tell you *
* Mary: What is it darling? What’s wrong? (I wonder what he’s going to say?) *
* Patrick: This is going to be a surprise, I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I think we should take a break… I have too much work too worry about *
* (Not knowing what to say, I got up and went t the kitchen) (She went inside with the intension of cooking dinner) * Patrick: For God’s sake, I’m not hungry!
* Without thinking she got the frozen lamb from the fridge. She went right behind him and swinged it as if she was hitting a piñata. She hit his head and he collapse on the floor unconscious. *

* Scene 2
* Mary Maloney thought to herself, she tried to gather her thoughts. *
* Mary: (thinking to herself) I have to go to the market. Hey Sam *
* Sam: Why how’s it going Mrs. Maloney?
* Mary: I want some potatoes and peas, Patrick wants something new to eat. *
* Sam: What about meat?
* Mary: No thank you, I have some already
* Sam: Oh okay
* Mary: It’s a frozen leg, I personally don’t like cooking with frozen food but I’m trying something new *
* Sam: I think it all tastes the same
* Mary: Should I get desert?
* Sam: Yes, a nice slice of cheesecake!
* Mary: Perfect! Goodnight Sam thanks again!
* Sam: No thank you.
* Mary Maloney gets home and she tries to act surprised and she cries when she sees Patrick on the floor *
* Mary: Patrick! Are you okay? (I can’t believe he’s dead!?) *
* Mary: (calling the police department (phone))
* Come quick! Patrick’s dead!
* Police Man: Who am I talking too?
* Mary: Mrs. Maloney, Patrick Maloney is dead
* Police Man: Dead!?
* Mary: I think so, he’s not moving (crying)
* Police Man: I’m on my way
* Mary: Okay
* Mary: (I can’t believe he is dead, how did this happen? Who did this to him? When I find out who did this to him I’m going to be so man. Oh, I will miss him so much. He is the only man I love) *

* Scene 3
* Two police officers rushed to the Maloney’s home. Mary knew both (Jack Noonan & O’ Malley) and let them in. Weeping hysterically she fell into Jack Noonan’s arms. While O’ Malley kneeled by the body Jack sat Mrs. Maloney in a recliner chair and joined O’ Malley. Along with them came a doctor, 2 detectives, photographer, and a man who knew about fingerprints. *

* Mary: Is my husband dead?
* Jack: I’m afraid he is. He’ll be missed. What happened? *
* Mary: (Briefly, she told him abut her going to the grocer & coming back to find him on the floor & the meat in the oven) It’s there now, cooking. *
* Detective #1: Which grocer?
* Detective #2: …She acted quite normal… very cheerful, got a cheesecake, pea… wanted to give him a delightful supper… it’s...
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