Lam Ang

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  • Published : August 21, 2010
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   Biag ni Lam-Ang story is about a boy who was very extraordinary. He started to talk at a very young age and he is the one who choose his name.

            The characters in the story were of course Lam-Ang the magical one and his love interest the beautiful Ines Kannoyan. His father named Don Juan who goes to the Igorots Tribe to punish those people. And his loving mother named Namongan who deny that his son is powerful and gifted. The rest is sumarang his rival and sarindang the one who tried to seduce him.

            The story was all happened somewhere in Valley of Naguilian River in La Union.

            The adventure began when Lam-Ang started to search for his father who went in a battle but never came back. When he reached the place he was enraged by what he sees his father’s head was on the top of the bamboo.

            Upon returning home, he passed a river named Amburayan River. When he dips his body in the water the fishes died because of his dirt.

            Upon reaching his home he decided to court his love interest Ines Kannoyan the daughter of the richest man in Kalanutian. On his way to Kalanutian he met his rival sumarang they quarreled but Lam-Ang won the heart of Ines because he amazed all the people by his magical pets.

            After sometime the headman reminded Lam-Ang about their tradition that he had to catch the giant fish called Berkakan.             Unfortunately, Lam-Ang was swallowed by the shark and died. But with help of his magical pets Lam-Ang resurrect again.             The story was magical and interesting. Magical in a part where his pets take some actions and something will happen. Story was interesting because there are some parts in the story that was impossible to happen in real life.  
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