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Lalala Land

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Melinda and Hester were both teenage girls who had notions made about them and no one even tried to find out what there problem was. In both stories, them not speaking out are what really caused problems for them, they refused to talk and they just have built up emotions inside that they refuse to let loose. For Melinda, she is ostracized by her peers in high school for calling the cops during a summer party. Since she refused to speak, people made up stories without really knowing what happened to her. Melinda withdraws from everything and everyone until she decides to speak up for herself. Hester becomes pregnant when her husband is away. She committed adultery and she was arrested and punished by the town by having to wear a scarlet letter "A". Hester is ignored by the community; no one spoke to her or associated with her. If Melinda spoke at the beginning of story I think things would have been a lot more simpler and Andy Evans wouldn’t of attempted to rape her again. Melinda didn’t speak up because she felt if she did no one would believe her and she would be more of an outcast. She decided that it was her fault that she got raped because she got drunk and was being irresponsible. When she decided it was her fault she went through a phase of thinking that she was alone in her world and that no one would care if she actually spoke out, telling her parents was out of the question because they already had their own problems with if themselves and whatever she said wouldn’t matter to them. Melinda didn’t really have a close relationship with anyone after what happened to her, she isolated herself from everyone and was thought as an outcast to everyone. Hester didn’t speak about who the baby’s father was because she was a very proud woman and didn’t care what people thought of her, she felt that what she did was right and the baby was a blessing. She also didn’t speak about it because if she did Dimmesdale would have been punished and she did not want the...

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