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Erica o. Viray

Reaction Paper:

In the seminar entitled “HRDM takes the LEAD into Juan Direction” I have learned a lot from the two speakers who generously shared their knowledge. From the first speaker I have the learned the role of a Human Resource which is categorized by three: strategic plan, Employee Advocate, and Change champion. The speaker said that HR is a profession wherein it is a set of individuals who trained employees that enables them to be more productive on their job. HR has to have a high level on the board. They must be the partner of the company. If ever there are problems faced by the company, they must be flexible enough in order to adapt to changes and to solve the certain problem or challenge. There are some sayings that HR has no right to sit on the board, meaning they cannot have higher position other than HR Personnel. But if ever you promoted or transferred to other positions never ever refuse it because it broadens your perspective. I have learned from the second speaker about having a proper image in terms of personal, email and communication when we are having an interview. Personal image means the proper attire and grooming. Email image refers to our image on social networking site such as Facebook, Yahoo mail, Twitter and etc. We must be aware and conscious to the pictures, post and comments that we put on such networking site. Communication refers on how we communicate in terms of speech, body language and other forms of communication. The whole seminar seems to be interesting because the topic being discussed is very important wherein the two speakers have their own strategy to keep their listener be alive and attentive. The first speaker conducted a simple game while the second one is very funny.

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