Lake Tai in My Hometown

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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For WP3 , I am going to talking about my hometown. This is a very important place for me, and I will recommend it to everyone. There are three points to evaluating, which is food, entertainment facilities, and famous landmark. I love my hometown that is why I choose this topic to evaluate. In particularly, I am going to introduce Lake Tai. The Tai lake is like jewelry on the map. My hometown is surrounding the lake. The lake is full of crab, shrimp, and fish. Near the Tai lake, there is a water entertainment park that you could enjoy yourself really well. After you workout, you could have a good rest in the Seven Star hotel. This is best hotel in my hometown, which is building on the lake. It’s very special and grand. I will show you guys on the power point in class. Surely, I have more evidences to support my topic and perspective. I will let all the audiences be persuaded.

Above all, the most important point that I want to persuade is “Live in a small town or in a big city?” my hometown is a small but peaceful place to live. To compare whit like Shanghai or Beijing, my hometown is just like an angle of them. But I think it’s better to live in a small city than live in a big city. I would list the advantages to support my point such as smooth traffic, low price of production, better air and more opportunities.
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