Lake Iola Charter School Case Study

Topics: Public school, Charter school, High school Pages: 4 (702 words) Published: March 17, 2013
1. Put the goal as make the Lake Eola Charter School as a K-8 center of education excellence 14 years ago.


First year: Convert the old parking garage to school. She thought that it is better to build the school on the road rather than build in isolated place. They used Lake Eola park as library, research, reading, downtown architecture for history and geometry lessons.

Second year: They concentrated in foundation of LECS.

Third year: Open school and take the first class without textbook, let the students use curriculum utilizing resources like web sites and practical exercises.

And rest for the year: Continue strengthen the curriculum, find new faculties and expand the school as high school.

There are some troubles in public school in America today because of the creation of charter schools. Charter school gets the funds from government but they operate individually as nonprofit organization.

They persuade the parents to select the charter school. As the result 350,000 families are approach to the charter school waiting list and 37% of the teachers in public school also preferred chartered school while 31% was opposed to them.

2. They let the students to use the public Resources because they don`t have any libraries and research rooms.

3. Utilize qualitative and quantitative analyses to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that LECS faced (Construct a SWOT table)

Strength: The greatest strength of LECS was the excellent track record of student performance.

Another impressive strength of LECS was parent satisfaction with the school.

Lastly the “private school feel the school has with no additional associated costs,” as expressed by students and parents.

Weaknesses: The greatest weakness of LECS was the lack of communication from the school to the greater community and parents.

A second weakness of LECS was the limited operating budget of the school.

Opportunities: As more parents...
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