Lahore Resolution

Topics: Pakistan, Indian National Congress, Lahore Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: December 6, 2012
PREAMBLE Pakistan Resolution was the turning point in the history of Pakistan.It provides a way to the Muslims,leading to the destination of a complete independence. ATTITUDE OF HINDUS Hindus clearly stated that they would not tolerate another community in India by saying: “India belong to the Hindus and if Muslims wish to live in India,they should Hinduism.” The Hindus tried to destroy Muslim identity by introducing Hindi as a medium of education. CONGRESS OPERATION The congress neglected the Muslim in every field and supported the Hindus.It did not recognize Muslim as a considerable party in India.In his address Nehru stated that: “There are only two parties in the country,the congress and the british.” According of Quaid-e-Azam : “The sole aim and object of the congress is to annihilate every other organization in the country.”

PARTITION PROPOSALS By 1937,the political conditions of Sub Continent compelled the Muslim political leaders to seriously consider the partition of India.The idea of Indian partition was not a new one,a number of partition proposals had been forwarded previously by many Muslim leaders like Syed Ahmed Shaheed,Mohammad Abdul Qadir,Allama Iqbal,Syed Jamal Uddin Afghani,Abdul Halim Sharar e.t.c.

The most reasonable proposal was given by Allama Iqbal.The poet,philospher,while delivering his presidential address at the annual session of the Muslim League at Allahbad in December 1930 said: “India is a continent of Human Beings belonging to different languages ,having different religion,therefore,I demand the formation of separate Muslim State for the Muslims of India.”

Chaudry Rehmat Ali proposed his scheme of partition of India.He declared: “North of India is Muslim and we shall keep it Muslim.Not only that ,we will make it a Muslim State….?” He coined the word “Pakistan” in which ‘P’ stands for Punjab,’A’ stands for Afghanistan,(N.W.F.P) ‘K’ for Kashmir ,’S’ for Sindh...
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