Lagaan Assignment

Topics: Management, Leadership, Team Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Neeraj sAshtivkar
MMS Div-B [E-Val]

Q1. Identify the Vision, Mission & Values from the movie Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India?

Vision:- To set free from tax and happiness of villagers. “lagaan se mukti aur gaon ki khushali”

Mission:- To understand the game and win against British Empire and get free from taxes.

Values:- With Team work, honesty and hard work you can achieve any difficult task coming your way.

Q2. Give 3 examples under each of the 4 principles of management? Write down the actual definition of the 4 principles of management by referring to a good text book?

* Bhuvan explained his community clearly that they should be able to achieve their goal, they achieve a peaceful and blissful life for 3 years without any tax. * Bhuvan maintained order in the team by careful selection and training of his team members. * On the exposure of Lakha’s deceit he did well to bring order back in the team as well as in the village.

* Bhuvan provided good leadership and hence received complete allegiance and obedience from his team members. Bhuvan also inculcated discipline through vigorous training, which used to take place during night as well. * Bhuvan inspired his team members to see that the goal of the community was paramount, which was reflected by his team members too. Never in his action did Bhuvan put himself before the dreams of the community. * Bhuvan personified kindness and justice when he drafted Kachra to join the team purely on basis of his skills and potential.

* Bhuvan maintained an authority over the team. However, he ensured that there was no loss of communication within the team and everyone felt equally responsible for the achievement of the goals. * Bhuvan had clear authority over others and played the key role in deciding his team members and structure of the team. For eg:- Bhuvan displayed his authority while deciding to recruit Kachra, in spite of...
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