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Topics: University, Higher education, Western Governors University Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: February 24, 2013
TOPIC: You considered many factors when deciding to enroll at WGU. Describe your reasons for choosing to become WGU student, and persuade a friend to enroll at WGU.

We all love wonderful experiences in life, and to my surprise, my wonderful experience started at Western Governors University (WGU). There were many factors to persuade me to attend WGU. I would like to share my journey at WGU with you, as it has been a major milestone in my life. WGU is helping me achieve my goals to complete my degree and hope this information will help you in making your decision of choosing the right college for further education.

It all started when I decided to resume my degree, I was looking for a university that would help me fulfill my educational goals and have a minimal impact on my personal and professional life. I work fulltime in IT sector with unpredictable working hours. I started my search to find the right college based on my needs. I started to search for an online school, which is fully accredited with good course curriculum, low tuition fee and where I am able to finish my degree quicker. I believe these are the most important factors to consider while taking a big step towards starting college and I think you may have similar concerns in your mind too.

I decided to discuss this with my friends who were studying in different Universities. As per their recommendation WGU provides thorough support system and is great for working people like us.

Next destination in my journey was to find more details and compare this wonderful university with other schools. I visited the WGU website and I was able to gather all necessary information in half the time I spent on other college websites. My heart immediately shouted “wow this is great and very user friendly”. To my surprise no other university had nationally and regionally accreditation, except WGU. This made me understand that the education at WGU would be of high quality. Then I was a little worried if...
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