Lady with Pet Dog

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  • Published : June 26, 2008
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I did like however that in this version the husband has a definite relationship with his dog and his son. I thought that this version was a little more graphic with how Anna was very confused with her life and how she cut herself. I liked the ending though because it shows that they will have a future together. I also liked how he made it different with who owned the dog and why it is called “The Lady with the Dog”.

In Joyce Carol Oates’ “The Lady with the Pet Dog” the main characters are Anna and her secret lover, whose name is not said. The story starts with Anna in a theater where she sees her lover, while her husband is in the bathroom. Her lover leaves and her husband comes back to find Anna shocked. She says that she is okay and they go home and we find out that their relationship seems very broken. In the next part, there is a six-month flashback where we find Anna and her lover driving from Nantucket to Anna’s sister’s house in Albany. It is revealed how far their relationship is and how Anna has insecure feelings about the whole thing because of her marriage. We also find that she cuts her wrists to ease her pain and suffering. The next morning after the theater incident, Anna’s lover calls Anna and says how he wants to see her. Anna says that she can’t and it won’t happen. However, then Anna gives in and the two meet every few weeks in a hotel room. We find Anna going in a sort of downward spiral, confused about her life. She thinks to herself that the only way to get rid of her problem is to kill her lover and his son. Then there is a very far flashback to the start of it all. Anna’s lover and his blind son are at the beach with his dog. Anna sees them one day and then again a few days later and finally talks to the man. He draws her and begins to talk to her and tells her that he is married. When he is done with the drawings, she picks out the one with the dog in it. He called it, “Lady with pet dog.” which is obviously where the story title...
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