Lady or the Tiger

Topics: Woman, Short story, Girl Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: June 7, 2011
Ellis 1
Shemaiah Ellis
Mr. Barron
Honors English 9, Pd 2

The Princess’ Dilemma
In the olden time period their were many things that surprise people now a days, such as sacrificing people due to not approving of them. In the short story “The Lady or The Tiger?” A king punishes his loyal servant for dating his precious princess. The king expresses to the servant that he will have a choice of two doors; one door will have an feisty tiger behind it. While the other door has a lovely young woman who he will then wed. The princess cannot imagine her boyfriend being eaten alive or on the other hand marrying another woman, whom she despises. Stockton uses literary clues to reveal that the princess’ semi-barbarism, jealously, and selfishness will force her to choose the door which has the tiger lying behind it. The princess’ semi- barbarism would steer her in the direction of choosing the tiger over the woman. For example she does not want to witness her boyfriend’s fate be decided, but she says “her intense and fervid soul would not allow her to be absent.” Even though she desperately doesn’t want to see her boyfriend die or wed another woman, her semi- barbarism pushes her to show up and watch the mid-boggling event. The “power of a woman’s will, had brought the secret to the princess.” The princess Ellis 2

didn’t really want to know what was behind each door, but the will of a woman overcame her. Semi-barbarism takes over the princess’ feelings due to the want to know if her boyfriend will survive or wed the princess’ enemy. Another characteristic that the princess shows is jealousy, which would probably make her pick the door of the tiger. She despises the woman that “[blushes] and trembled behind that silent door.” It makes it a harder decision for the princess since she hates the other young woman. This would probably make the princess want to direct her boyfriend to the tiger. Even though the princess feels horrible to send the...
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